Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy 48th old man!!!

So my Dad turned 48 years young while we were driving back for good old D-land. He can't wait to spend his 50th birthday back in the comfort of Mickey and giant Turkey legs! Anyway, he is an amazing man! I feel so blessed to have him in my life. He is always so supportive and so honest with me. He always expects the best from me and makes me yearn to reach my full potential all the time. He always told me I would get married someday, he was right. He always told me I was special, right again. And never led me astray! I love you Dad! I cannot wait until my crazy child calls you Grandpa! Thanks for everything you have done for me, especially in this past year! You are amazing!

Alien Jerky Stand

So every time I have driven to California I see these signs for the Alien Jerky Stand in Baker. I have always wanted to stop... Well this year I got my wish. I think, mostly, it was because I was so sick and pathetic all week that the family gave in. It was pretty awesome... I think that everyone enjoyed themselves. I really wish my friends Ian and Brad could've been there. Pretty sure that would have made it a thousand times better! Maybe someday!
Cortney did not appreciate this at all!
Just cause I love Al Gore so much (sense the sarcastic tone) I think he's a joke, but I got a kick out of this hot sauce bottle!

Excuse the belly... I thought that black was suppose to hide things... Apparently not.

Giving THANKS at Disneyland....

Spencer and I were lucky enough to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my family at Disneyland. This is a tradition for my family and we usually go every four years.... this year we decided to make it every other year!!! Love that idea! Since I was deathly sick (thank you tiny fetus in my belly) and I couldn't even ride all the rides (yes, I did go on some that I probably shouldn't have) I have already vowed that I will not be pregnant in two years! So excuse the pale white face, and exhausted eyes, and the bloated belly (why am I already showing at 2 months???). It was a rough trip for me. But I feel super blessed that we were able to go and have such an amazing Thanksgiving! My next Disneyland trip unfortunately is at the end of March for cheer nationals, and I will be much more pregnant and won't be able to hide it to get on all the good rides, dang it. But I still plan on having my fun... just you wait. I am so glad that Spencer
was there and that we were able to spend time together. Plus he had never been to California Adventure, and basically he is obsessed with this tradition... good thing right? He is kind of bad luck though. List of rides we went on together and they broke down because Spencer was on it, Toy Story Mania, Buzz Lightyear, Pirates, Haunted mansion (twice), Tower of Terror (minus me... tear), Little Mermaid, Matterhorn, Snow White, and even the tram that takes you to the park from the parking lot. We hope to fix this little issue within the next two years. Prepare for picture overload!!!!
At California Adventure at night they have Electronica. There are a lot of lasers and music and dancing. Mom, Cortney, and I came out of the Monsters Inc. ride and Cortney jumped right out onto the dance floor with all of the professionals and danced away for about 5 minutes... She didn't have one care in the world. It was basically awesome!
The amazing burger place at California adventure has all you can eat toppings. Chris may have overdone it on the tomatoes.
This was Cortney's scared face. When Spencer and I took her on Little Mermaid and it broke down right in front of Ursula (thank you Spencer) this was her go to motion. Fingers in the mouth.

The girls!
Cortney was pretty much done taking pictures at this point.

Minnie Ears!
Crazy old Disney man who took this was not so talented at taking pictures... he was super nice though.

Club 33!!! If you don't know what this is then shame on you. Spencer and I have already sent in our names to be on the waiting list... It's 14 years long. Anyway not only did we stand outside of the club for a while pretending to be awesome (like we need to pretend), but we also saw this girl who was around our age named Natalie take her friends inside the club! Spencer totally got a sneak peek inside and I peeped through the crack by the hinge. Can't wait for our time to actually be members!
Small World! Christmas Style!

We spent all of 5 minutes in Toon Town.... And took two pictures.
Spencer and I decided o go on the Mark Twain River Boat... yes, probably the most boring ride in the entire park, but not only did we get to ride it... we got invited up to the cabin to drive it! Okay, so it was on a track but still... pretty cool. Club 33 members get to do that all the time. Just preparing us for our future.
I felt like Dwight on that episode of the office.... What do you do with a drunken sailor?
Drive on Captain.
Spencer tooting the horn.
Our only picture with a character and only because there was no line.....
Cortney was super impatient.... Grumpy Gus.
Don't worry... I really was sick at this point I'm not just nasty looking. World of Color took forever to get started.
The best I could do was a picture with the Tower of Terror... So bummed that I couldn't ride it.

Can you see me now? This picture only serves to demonstrate how bright and awesome our shirts really are! We never get lost and all the Disney workers knew us by name.
That's ride... I wore stretchy pants to Disneyland!
So this picture is not about Sully.... It's about his midget caretaker with him. My family is kind of obsessed with midgets. I called them immediately after I saw them and they ran to make it from across the park to see that awesomeness.
Spencer loves his Turkey Leg
Thanksgiving lunch.... Turkey Legs!!! Gag!

Trying to figure out if she is excited to meet cowgirl Jessie....
Getting ready for Toy Story Mania... AWESOME ride! Too bad the line is so bloody long all the time!
Whoa! Obviously feel sick on this day!
I was very excited to find the pickle I had been talking about when we got off the jungle cruise....
However, the excitement didn't last. Pickles + Pregnancy = a very sick Jenn
Saw this while driving back to the Hotel for nap time! I sleep all the time now!!! But really? Who welds on a bus? And why?
This little girl just ate up Disneyland! She loved it, and every ride. Even though we forced her on the Matterhorn!!!! Haha! Did you know that there are no height requirements for the ride? CRAZY!
Thank you Chris for that.
Awwww. Brotherly love!

Super cool shirts with our numbers!
My all time favorite ride! And it's safe for pregnant ladies!!! Went on it twice... poor Spencer. I'm sure he was bored out of his mind!
Loved this Chewy hat!!! Not $30 worth though.
Yes, I went on Space Mountain.... It's not as bumpy as you would think actually. I deem it pretty safe for 8 week preggo's like myself.
Sorry Mom about the picture... the three of us got drenched on Splash Mountain!!! Two hours later Mom was still wringing water out of her jacket! Spencer pretty much escaped dry...

Cortney excited for her first day at Disneyland!!!! The tram was by far her favorite ride!
Love you babe! Thanks for making this the best Disneyland trip it could be!!! You were super supportive even though I was so sick and I just love you for it!