Thursday, June 21, 2012

Date Night

Spencer and I were able to go on a long overdue date night tonight!!! It didn't last very long and we didn't do much and it didn't involve Taco Bell, but we had a blast and it was super nice to get dressed up (by dressed up I mean not wearing sweats and flip flops) and actually go out in public. I don't wear makeup very often, but I haven't worn it at all in weeks! And let's be honest... I haven't really even gotten "dressed" in weeks. I have been a little depressed the past couple weeks, and after a doctor's visit today (lost 3 pounds), I am officially on medication to help deal with the pain (vomiting) that I am experiencing. Basically pregnancy just isn't what I had thought or hoped it would be, so it makes me a little sad. So it was nice to feel somewhat decent looking going out tonight. So while Spencer was off taking tests, I got ready...

How do you like my high school Facebook picture taking skills... Seriously, I am friends with a lot of high school kids (no I'm not creep, just a coach) on Facebook and they post so many pictures of themselves like this. It's just weird. It's also probably a little weird that Spencer is friends with many high school cheerleaders on Facebook... that's creepy. Anyway, Spencer was super surprised and happy when he got home to see me up and about and ready to go out... that is until I made him take a belly picture for me.

He is amazed daily at the size of my belly. I don't mean to brag or anything, and maybe it's because  the pregnancy has been so rough, but no stretch marks! I am truly blessed and knocking on wood that I don't wake up tomorrow covered with lines. Huge blessing considering that I feel like a whale! So we decided to go to a movie. Spencer has been wanting to go for a while now and I kept saying no because it's just so hard for me to sit for that long, but I gave in tonight. He has put up with a lot lately... yesterday I woke up choking on my own vomit cause I had thrown up while sleeping and it really scared him because he really doesn't want me to die from being pregnant... and he has just been beyond amazing to me, so I figured I could do this little thing for him.

I have learned that if I smile not showing my teeth during these, the final days of pregnancy, I don't look so chubby... We decided to see What to Expect When You Are Expecting... So funny! Maybe because it's something we are going through right now, but we were laughing so hard. I did eventually have to get up and stand in the back of the theater, where these teenage boys thought it was the best thing ever that I was so pregnant and watching that movie... they also smelt horribly of B.O. that was nasty. Darn pregnancy nose... I can smell everything and anything within 500 feet of me. This is dangerous when it comes to food and cravings. I don't get to go by Taco Bell very often in order to save us money. The best thing about living in Rexburg is that for $14 you can get 2 adult 7pm movie tickets, 2 large drinks, and a large popcorn. Don't forget that anything that is sized large gets free refills!!!! And it is that BEST popcorn ever! You cannot beat that deal! And if you go before 5pm it's only $12... Good old college town!

I highly recommend this movie! I did cry my way through the ending (stinking hormones) but it was a great date! Now I get to get into my sweats, take my drugs, which also act as a sleeping pill (BONUS), and fall asleep watching some awesome reality TV show.

THANK YOU Spencer for such a wonderful date night! I'm sorry it had to end at 9pm, but I'm glad we got to spend time together doing something we enjoy! I will make it up to you by giving you a daughter... how about that? Deal?

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I'm a pretty lucky girl when it comes down to things... Not only was I blessed with an AMAZING Dad, but I now have a husband who is beyond AWESOME and is going to be the best Dad! And in turn, he has a Dad who he never stops talking about.

Growing up I would have to say that I was much much closer to my Dad than my Mom. My Dad and I would spend evenings throwing a football in the carpeted gym (Spencer is quite impressed with my football throwing skills, but we learned that it doesn't mesh well with pregnancy), having running contests, and basically doing a lot of things that boys usually do with their Dad's. I am probably the most athletic child in my family. To me sports were super fun, and a way to get involved... none of my siblings really felt the same for whatever reason. My Dad enjoys watching sports, so I was able to have him spend a lot of time supporting me at my events, even all my cheerleading events. Pretty sure it helped that our basketball team won state my junior year and then took second my senior year, so the games were pretty exciting. We haven't always seen eye to eye and there are definitely times when he gives advice that I don't listen to, but I've come to realize that he really is a pretty good guy. Watching him with Cortney as a Papa has been awesome and I can't wait for my little girl to spend time with her Papa.

It'll be a little harder with them living in Kansas now, but that's why someone out there invented skype right? I have so many awesome memories of my Dad.... If you wanna see something really cool then go to Disneyland with him. The dude runs to make it to certain rides. I am really blessed to be able to have such a good role model and priesthood holder to call my Dad. I love you Dad! Thank you for everything you have done for me! Happy Father's Day!

Spencer woke up this morning to his first Father's Day gift. I struggled with trying to find something for him and then I read online that for soon to be Dad's a good gift is their favorite book from their childhood so that they could read it to the future baby. Luckily we didn't have his favorite book and Walmart had 1 left in the little hardback books that are perfect for kids.

Anyway, I am pretty excited to see him as a Dad. I have seen him as an uncle and he really is AMAZING! He has been so excited during my pregnancy, and he has been so patient. I know it has been a super frustrating experience for him because he longs to help me when I'm not feeling well or hurting, but there is truly nothing that he can do and he feels helpless. But despite that he has never missed a doctor's appointment, he make sure I'm drinking plenty of water and eating when I need to. He's willing to go out at midnight to find certain foods (Nothing... and I mean NOTHING is open at midnight in Rexburg) and he has been super active in helping trying to induce labor. He is such a kind, gentle, and concerned husband and I can't wait to see that transfer into being a father.

I really love the second picture because it just shows how happy he is to soon become a Dad.

Another father that has a big impact on my life is Spencer's Dad. Spencer love, love, loves his Dad. He talks about him all the time and longs to be as good of a Dad as he was to Spencer. I think most little boys really look up to their Dad's and Spencer was obviously no exception. I'm so happy that he was raised in a home where he had such a good father and example. Guaranteed he is as AMAZING as he is because of the way his father taught him to be. Spencer's Dad definitely deserves a HUGE thank you!

I thought it would've been awesome if baby girl decided to be born on Father's Day because what better present than that for a first time father, but it doesn't look like that will happen since I have been banned to the bed again... I am thankful for all the father figures in my life who have blessed me with their amazing attributes and presence. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

To induce or not to induce...

I do not like being told one thing by one person and then something completely different by another. My doctor told me 2 weeks ago to wait until this week and then do everything that I can to induce labor. Even though this would bring the baby early, he felt it was best because it's been such a hard pregnancy, and also because the symptoms I experienced earlier in the pregnancy were beginning to return, and he felt confident that she was ready to come. So we waited... and then this week we...
Walked around the track on campus... People really stare at you when are this pregnant and walking laps... Didn't their parents teach them staring is rude?

Jumped on the tramp at my parents old house... We also may or may now have chased kittens through their gardens as well. Cardio is a good labor inducer right?
P.S. - Did I mention that my parents and Jake and Ryan just moved to Kansas???? And Kim and her fam just moved to Oregon????

Spencer used his mad reflexology skills to massage my feet. I tell you what... I can feel those contractions when he rubs certain places around the ankle. Thank you massage therapy school!

Walked the lazy river at Rexburg Rapids for 2 hours... We didn't even care that we were the only people over the age of 13 there who didn't have children... Okay we cared a little.

And we did other things that are definitely not appropriate to post on here... Use your imagination.

This landed us in the hospital today for several hours with contractions about 5 minutes apart, severe back pain, and a baby who had the hiccups. Spencer enjoyed taking advantage of their unlimited supply of any kind of soda you could imagine... minus Baja Blast, which may be the best soda ever invented! Thank you Taco Bell!

Really starting to hate that in every picture, it looks like I just got my wisdom teeth out. Like our sweet sunburns from the pool???? Also I have no energy to blow dry my hair since I no longer am able to get comfortable at night and so I no longer sleep.

Anyway, our nurse at the hospital told us to stop EVERYTHING we were doing! And when I say everything, I mean everything... much to Spencer's disappointment. She put me on bed rest for the next month, or until baby girl decides to make her grand entrance. I was super bugged and cannot wait to go to the doctor's on Monday and find out what exactly is going on. She may have been a little off her rocker, because she did ask if I planned on having my daughter go through a circumcision... I know there is 4 weeks until her due date, and that the longer she stays in there the better, but you cannot tell someone who's had such a crappy pregnancy that they are going to deliver early and then take it back. It was nice to listen to her heart beat for a couple hours, and to know that I am dilating and that she looks GREAT (nurses words... not mine). Anyway, bed rest is super boring, especially considering that by the time this pregnancy is over I would have spent 4 months on bed rest. I have discovered some great TV shows like Duck Dynasty (AMAZING!!!), anything on HGTV, South Beach Towing, and Storage Wars. But I've watched them so much that everything's a rerun now. Oh well... the good thing about pregnancy is that there is always an end in sight!

P.S. - I am still majorly contracting, but there's no way I"m going back unless my water breaks because it was heartbreaking to be sent home!

P.P.S. - Jake this is a picture of the perfect van for you that is across the street from the Hart building... I could totally see you driving this!