Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter... Woes?

I am thinking about taking a leave of absence. A leave of absence from the blog, from my friends, and from the life I currently know. I am a good person, whose karma is never going to catch up, or so it seems. I'm tired of being treated like crap from my friends who I give every part of myself too. I give and give and give, but I guess I'm not worth enough for them to return that favor. So if I don't write for a while... or don't answer my phone... or don't return your texts... it's because I'm focusing on myself, my life, and what's most important. Time for me to start being a little selfish. I am no longer a push over. I am taking a stand in my own life. But here's my pictures from Easter... still hating holidays by myself. BLAH! At least my sister was kind enough to let me spend the day with them. My niece makes everything that much better and she's someone I would never cut out, because she gives it all back without hesitation. Obviously I am seriously bitter and hating life. Anyway we dyed inappropriate Easter eggs... not posting all of the pictures but Kim made an Indian one that was pretty sweet and I wrote a declaration of how much I hate boys, and I stabbed an egg, and none of them were cooked all the way though, so here's your egg on drugs. Chris and I were really upset that they weren't cooked cause all we truly wanted to do was eat them... Cortney and I took a walk today and recorded this special message for the fam. Excited to see my Daddy tomorrow! Oh and here's a picture of how curly my hair could be... I took a shower with my hair up and the moisture totally curled my hair and I am in love with the curls! All natural baby. Oh and I took all of these pictures on the Ipod. That's AMAZING!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New Man Friend & The End of Lent!

First, we should pay no attention that I have eaten Taco Bell twice in two days... I went 40 long days without it and at the current moment I'm suffering a brief spell of depression... more about that later. Anyway Taco Bell has been amazing and the soda... eh... I could probably do without that, but it's nice to have the freedom to drink it again. Like I didn't have it before right? It was all self-imposed and I'm not even Catholic. Anyway I came back to work after putting some stuff in storage yesterday and a new man friend has graced my computer. His name is Indiana Jones and he is awesome. Loving the new work environment. Loving work. It's a good thing. And yes, those are purple walls. AWESOME! So back to the depression thing... I spent all weekend taking care of a friend who got his wisdom teeth out and as silly as it sounds, I loved every single second of it. I LOVE having someone that I can take care of and push all my energy towards, it makes me feel needed and wanted and just awesome. But now, my friend is better and I am blasted with the realization that I am alone... Suck. At least I have Indy to keep me company at work! Oh and I also get to destroy the hopes of many teenage high school girls next week at cheerleading tryouts... Okay so that's probably not the right way to look at things, but I am excited because I love tryouts! American Idol tryouts, So You Think You Can Dance tryouts... basically the only part of those shows I watch. Will never get enough of people making a fool of themselves. Cheers to being an adult!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


My brother in law recorded this during our graduation ceremony. One of the best things ever! Good work Chris! Enjoy!

Red & White

Yesterday, I took a break from playing nurse and went to the Red and White game at University of Utah with Kim and her family and some friends. You know the game where it's Utah vs. Utah.... haha. For a "practice" game there were an awful lot of people there. Could've been because it was free... Anyway Cortney wore her little cheerleader outfit... wonder who bought that for her? The weather was amazing! The people behind us were entertaining. And we ordered way to much food at The Pie afterwards. Let me just say cheese pull-aparts could possibly be the best thing ever created. Or maybe it's their ranch, which I discovered that they make it instead of buying it. I definitely put in a request for them to start selling it by the gallon. I myself would buy at least 3 gallons at a time! I always feel amazingly sick after I eat there, but it's always so worth it! It was a good day and now I'm sick. Awesome. Please Pay close attention to the 80 year old man with the giant Utah hat and the picture where Chris and Cortney each have their own bag of chips... Like father like daughter. Oh and please ignore my whiteness. I just couldn't resist shorts. So I opted out to blind people with my legs instead.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I spent the weekend in Rexburg for Graduation, and it was basically awesome. First, the weather was straight up awful, but for those 4 (long) hours of graduation it was sunny and gorgeous! Second, I got to graduate with my Mom and my sister. Talk about killer timing! Third, my Dad got to give us our diplomas. Fourth, everyone was there, except for Jason. It was a fun weekend. We killed time taking crazy pictures on my phone cause it was a long graduation! But it was amazing and fun! Cortney wouldn't stop crying unless she was wearing Kim's graduation hat and holding her diploma, it was super funny! We ate good food, Jake ate a ton of food, those are pictures of his food. We burned houses, watched Les Miserables and made silly videos (see previous post). Get ready for a picture overload! Enjoy!