Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

We went trick or treating with Cortney and my family this year. I, of course, thought of the most
amazing costume for me and Spencer 2 hours before we were going to leave so that didn't
happen... wait for it though because it's going to be insanely awesome. Can you guess what it is going to be???? I am secretly hoping that someone will throw a costume party of something soon just so we can be the best dressed. Anyway, Cortney is obsessed with Panda's and so that's what her costume was this year.

She was so cute! And she was totally into the whole trick or treat idea.

My Mom has been teaching her about being patient at Disneyland, since we head out in 3 weeks for SoCal, so she was telling me about it. Super cute video, check it out here! Jake was dressed as Sweet Jakey K, his version of the sexy saxophone man, and it was awesome. you can check out his serenade of my cheerleaders here.

At one point he even chased a car down the street playing George Michael's "Careless Whisper".
It was awesome! I'm glad I have such a cool family and such a hot husband,
who has finally planked for me!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ginger Wolverine

the "chops" no longer exist thank goodness, but I suppose it could have been much much worse. A funny story from the wedding... so they had a ton of different cheeses to eat, and our table, the super cool one with all the high school students and awesome people (there were only like 20 people at the wedding) decided to try every kind. Some of them were AMAZING while others were absolutely disgusting. There was one type of cheese that was purple...
we were all super intrigued by it and were absolutely mortified to discover that it tasted exactly like grape laffy taffy. It was nasty! Well come to find out that it had been infused with grape wine... you can guess what the high school boys did next... all they wanted to do was get intoxicated by the cheese. They were very entertaining boys. We were so blessed to be invited to this and make me so grateful to have these girls in my life and to actually be more to them and their parents than just a coach.
Plus Rylee just happens to be one of my favorites, so it was great to spend such a wonderful night with her and her family.
Also football season has come to an end... sad day! What a great season and what wonderful girls!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hee Haw Farms

Last night Spencer and I and our friends Melissa and Zack met up with my sister and her family at Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove. Not gonna lie... when we first showed up I was pretty sure that it was going to be one lame date... but turns out we were pleasantly surprised and we had a great time! Not gonna write much because I took a TON of pictures.... my bad... and they are reverse order... also my bad... Also please pay close attention to Spencer's incoming beard... he is practicing for no shave Novemeber and very excited about the outcome thus far....Cortney's special pumpkin!
Corntey threw corn in the cleavage... not cool...
Corn kisses!
Fun in the Corn!
Playing in the corn with the bunny!
This is what I looked like during the entire Haunted Walk through. There were a tons of chainsaws (hate) and a dude with a real snake (double hate). It was pretty rough for me!
Spencer and I with Kim and Chris after the Haunting.
Cortney and I with her friend Nora... that's what she named her.
This goat thing and I had stare down... Spencer was pretty nervous that I was going to be charged.
I really really really wanted a piglet!

This was a bumpy and not so awesome slide....
How country!
I love love love fall colors!!! And boots, and hats, and sweaters!
Cortney's special corn that she wanted to feed to the wild goats... they, however, wanted nothing to do with her or her corn.
Cortney wanted to be just like Spencer... (see picture below... a ways)
Javelin corn stalk throwing... newest Olympic event
We had about 7 ears of corn in my bag.... that's how you do it when your newly married and poor.
He went to pull a piece of corn off and got the entire stalk.
Love him!
We got a little hungry.... it was a super long maze!
We cheated our way through the corn maze...
Zack, Melissa, me and Spencer
Children of the corn
We are pretty much bff's!
Look at those pretty blue eyes!!! Love her!

Monday, October 10, 2011

This one is for you G-pa

So the day we got married... one month ago today... Our sealer was 10 minutes late. As annoyed as I was, I got over it pretty fast. Later that night at our reception I was talking to my Grandpa about it and he told me that the reason our sealer was late was all his fault. Apparently 5 years ago, when I was still attending college in good old Rexburg, Idaho he placed a curse on me. The curse was that I would not be able to marry until I graduated from college. My Grandpa is all about education and so it has always been super important to him that I graduate. Honestly I never had any intention of graduating. I went to college to get married! But sure enough,after 7 years of college, no husband and no boyfriend and no nothing, I graduated. Apparently my Grandpa lifted the curse the morning of my wedding at 8:30am. That's ten minutes after our scheduled sealing time.... I guess he realized that I was going to marry Spencer curse or no curse. Anyway he gave me a hard time because he had never seen my diploma... well neither had I. So I called the school and told them I never received it, and 2 days later it's hanging on my wall. So here are your pictures old man. Thanks for lifting the curse!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

High School Cheer!!!

Sometimes I get sad when I remember that I'm not in high school anymore. Then, I shortly remember, that I spend a lot of time around high school kids and frequently act like one. All of the kids are so surprised when I tell them how old I really am... So anyway... Feeling a little sentimental and remembering my days as a high school cheerleader, so I used the AWESOME scanner in order to share with you all my memories. Cheerleading for me wasn't about wearing the short skirts or getting all of the attention. My JV year in fact I always had my skirt pulled down as far as I could get it. I felt so uncomfortable in my uniform!!! ALWAYS! I didn't appreciate boys flipping up my skirt all the time, and I got really bad anxiety before every game. I hated when one teacher, when he would call roll, would always stop at my name and do some stupid motions and say "ready, okay". The dude was a perv anyway. I wasn't the prettiest or the most skinny cheerleader, but it didn't matter. Cheerleading brought something into my life that I couldn't find anywhere else. Cheerleading taught me motivation and it helped me to learn about passion. I loved cheering! I miss it all the time and wish desperately that I could somehow find that motivation again... that and it would be nice to lose some of the extra weight I've put on in the past 7 years... I do still fit into my uniform! High five for Jenn! I love the friendships that I made while cheering and the experiences that I got to have in my life. I met one of my best friends Nichole through cheer, and she came all the way from Oregon for my wedding last month! Our boys basketball team won state and I got to cheer at the Ducks basketball stadium, which was awesome! I loved having my parents at every game no matter where it was to support me. It makes me sad when my girls have been cheering for me for a while and I still have never seen their parents at a game. It makes me really appreciate my own parents so much more! Being a coach and attending all the game now makes me realize how exhausting it can all be!!! My parents were some serious troopers! I love being able to coach and to teach these girls how to do things and then being rewarded by the end product... but it's still not the same as actually cheering. I love when my girls ask me if I can still do a scropian... and their amazed faces when I show them I can. Or when they ask if I can jump down into the splits and I do it and bust my knee. So I guess it's time to grow up a little and find that passion and that motivation from somewhere else. Any suggestions?

Junior year... girls state basketball
Nichole and I senior year
I have always loved Taco Bell!!!!! ALWAYS AND FOREVER!
Sophomore year
boys state and University of Oregon
senior year football
senior year basketball with the Panther
Sarah, Molly, Hannah, me, and Nichole senior year
Me, Nichole, and Leslie junior year
yeah buddy!
me and Kara senior year