Friday, September 30, 2011

Sexy Sax Man Careless Whisper Prank feat. Sergio Flores (directors cut)

Definitely one of the best things ever!!!! Loving this! Trying to convince my brother to do this for Halloween. Favorite!!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 Weeks and LOVING it!!!

Spencer and I were able to spend the entire day together on Saturday for our 2 week... okay so there were some unexpected situations, but it was overall a great day! We slept in, which is ALWAYS AMAZING! Then we headed to the Blue Iguana for lunch because we had a gift certificate. That place is sooooo goooooood!!!! The building it's in is amazing and the chips and salsa were also super yummy. Of course we ordered the nachos... 2 orders of course because I don't really share well... at least when it comes to nachos. We were able to walk around on
temple square and visit the art museum.

After eating we headed home to take a nap when I got a text from one of my cheerleaders. 2 of my girls and their homecoming dates were in a pretty nasty car accident and were in the ER. Of course I promptly headed to the hospital. These girls are like family and I needed to make sure that they were all going to be okay. They are pretty lucky for not wearing seat belts, but I think they will be hurting for a while. I cannot express how thankful I am that Spencer came with me without question and supports me in everything I do. He is incredible! I am so very lucky! When we got home from the hospital we headed over the yogurtland to meet my Mom and my sister. I was suppose to go with them to Women's conference but cheerleader emergency kind of took over. We hadn't had frozen yogurt for sooooooooo long! It was amazing! Then we went and used some gift certificates and went to see Warrior at the movies. I must admit... I kind of threw a fit about seeing it because I didn't think that it would be interesting, but I was wrong. It was a really good movie and I even cried! Plus the popcorn was so delicious! I don't think that I could've asked for a better 2 week anniversary!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Homecoming 2011...

Well it's finally over! Homecoming is always one of the most stressful times of the year as a coach. The only thing, besides Spencer, that got me through it was knowing I was going to get my new homecoming sweats (which I am wearing right now). Every year the cheerleaders get
new hoodies and sweatpants as a homecoming gift... love that tradition! Anyway it was a crazy couple weeks leading up to this week and then it felt like I never left the school at all this week. Between halftime rehearsals, assemblies, pep rallies, and the actual game, it
was insane! The halftime performance went wonderfully and we had a great time. We did lose our game however, but I guess we were probably all expecting that anyway. I love that Spencer comes out and supports me whenever he can. He sets such a good example for my girls and how a guy is suppose to treat you. I hope that they are all paying attention because so
me of their "boyfriends" and definitely questionable. I love that the girls get excited to see him too. He is the BEST husband!!!!
Spencer and I with Cortney. She had a blast at the game!
The fam!!! Way to go Chris!
Me and the hubs!
Twinners... What a trooper to wear a cheer shirt.
Our run through for West Jordan. It says "Here Kitty Kitty"... they are the Jaguars.
Jake and I with out Alexander balloon during the tailgate party
I was hoping to get some sweet air like the old man on UP
Love these girls!
Spencer and I before the Homecoming Parade
Shanell's toe touch... AMAZING!!!
Shanell's sweet herky... AGAIN AMAZING!!!
Copper Hills JV Cheerleaders
That's right... I'm the coach...

Baby Camden!

So my wonderful Aunt Julie just had baby number five last week, and since they live so close I am blessed to fulfill my baby hungriness by going over and holding my new cousin Camden. He has a ton of red hair so this is an especially good experience for me since my future children have a very good chance of coming out red headed (still trying to come to terms with that). Anyway he is adorable and Julie and Bill did good!!!! Love babies!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yes... More wedding photos...

Okay so I'm pretty sure these will be the last ones that I post... these are just fun unedited pictures that I thought deserved to be seen!
Lauren, Me, Rylee & T. Love these girls!!!!!!
Didn't even know she was taking this one.
Doesn't everyone watch football on their wedding day? Definitely turned the TV on as soon as we got to the hotel to watch Michigan beat Norte Dame.... My bad!
Asian Jason!!!!

Jason rocks my world!
Wedding day plank... Epic
Love this little girl!
The hubs and I with his parents.
I love my Dad so so so so so much!!!
And of course I love my Mom too!

Cheerleader invasion!! And there was even more than this that showed up! Love these girls!
With Spencer's family.
The Kinville gang.
I love that Nichole came all the way from Oregon to see me for like maybe 2 hours total! Such an amazing and beautiful friend!

BEST Invention EVER!!!!

Whenever I order soda or succumb to my weaknesses and pick one up at the local 7 11, I almost always never get ice in it. I don't like the taste of watery soda... or watery anything for that matter. Well I have found the solution to keeping your soda cold, without having to drink watery nasty. While we were registering (back in the day) at Bed, Bath & Beyond, we found these reusable ice cubes. I used them for the first time yesterday and I am IN LOVE! First of all they are super cool colors right? And then they stay cold forever, and when you are done with them you just wash them and put them back in the freezer! And did I mention how cheap they are? I will never have to drink a watery soda again. Definitely thinking of packing some of them around with me when I know I'm going out to eat... How lame am I? Married life is changing me... I'm blogging about household items now. Oh boy...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

State Fair, Big Foot, and Football!!!

Spencer and I have chosen to defer our honeymoon until November when we are going to go to Disneyland. Yeah, our family is coming too, but still... We are both just so busy and have so
much going on in our crazy lives so we don't have time basically. We were able to take a few days off after the wedding, during which we chose to attend the Utah state fair.

Now I spent 7 years of my life in Redmond, Oregon where the Deschutes County Fair is insanely awesome (or at least it was in middle school and high school) and so I could not help but to be super disappointed in the Utah state fair.... It was quite boring. And we had to pay $9 for Super Nachos, which were not super... believe me. It was fun to get out of our now fabulously decorated apartment, but still... I don't like people begging me to buy their Egyptian Cotton sheets, or be chased around by super creepy carnies. The best part was trying on hats... you cannot go to the fair and how try on hats, it's just not possible.
Spencer has been so supportive of my coaching and he attends every game that he can with me. I love having him there with me!
Too bad he has to sit and watch me dance with high school students and watch the mascot sit on my lap... I think he is at least a little entertained. Saturday night we attended our friends party for the Utah/BYU game. Don't judge me... I spent all day at cheer comp practice...

Justin is a HUGE Utah fan, so lucky for us Utah kicked BYU's trash.... 54-10... really? That's a little embarrassing for BYU. Anyway Kim, Chris and Cortney came and hung out and, lucky for us, Cortney has decided to be in a good mood. She's always super cute in her Utah cheerleader outfit that I bought her last year.

But Spencer and I noticed that she has HUGE feet! Check it out.
HUGE right?!?! Today was our first Sunday in our family ward... don't worry though, it was the wrong ward. Thank you Oh well we figured it out so we will get it right next week. But how cute are we?
All grown up and ready for the real world? Loving married life!

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Blog Name?????

Now that I am no longer a Menace to Society, I am taking new blog name suggestions...... Hopefully we can find one soon because my family is bugging me about changing it... HAHA! Love them! The new last name is Ahlstrom..... Any ideas?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reception Photos...

I can take no credit for anything that happened at the reception besides the music that was played. My parents, siblings, Spencer's family, my Uncle Bill and his family were soooooooo AMAZING! I cannot even begin to describe how helpful and amazing they
were. They stayed on top of everything and made sure that everything was running smoothly. I was incredibly blessed to have them all there to help me so much. We were lucky with the weather too. I insisted on having an outdoor reception, and because I am stubborn and annoying sometimes I refused to book a church gym "just in case". I am really not a fan of those types of receptions... AT ALL! Anyway when we started setting up the reception the sky was pretty much black. But by some miracle, not one drop of rain fell and the sky cleared up. It was perfect weather! We were so blessed! I love that so many of my cheerleaders cam
e and so many friends. Not awesome that some who I considered my best friends didn't come at all, to anything, but so blessed to have so many people come and share our day with us. Thanks to the B.I.L. for keeping the car decorating to a minimum... it was quite classy actually, and he left us two full fantas for the ride downtown! AWESOME! Even though it was a great day, and practically perfect in every way... I am so glad that it's over! Back to the real world!