Monday, March 28, 2011

I Never...

I never thought that I would ever have a career. I always thought I would be married and have a family and a super rich husband that would take care of us in our mansion on the hill. But that's not the case in my life. Next week I start a job that could be my career. It's a huge step! I have put off growing up for 25 years and as of April 4th, the growing up begins! What does this mean? I'm not entirely sure yet, but I'm scared out of my mind!

I never thought I would graduate college without a husband. Especially since I am graduating from a church school. I went to college to meet a husband, and that didn't work out so well for me now did it. I never in a million years thought I would actually leave college with a degree.

I never thought I would become "that friend" that everyone feels the need to set up on so many blind dates. You know the one that everyone feels sorry for because they are so lonely. In high school I almost always had a boy friend, and now I haven't had one for almost 2 years. Something in the universe is not right in the universe!

I never thought my younger sister would be married and have a family before I did. But I love my niece and could never imagine my life without her! Here are some fun pictures from our Saturday at the zoo... I know we go there a lot. It's free!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

To Cut or Not To Cut... That Is The Question...

I have been thinking about this so much lately! I cannot stop thinking about cutting off my hair. I'm so bored with it and right now in my life is the time for change... I have received pretty harsh threats from people about cutting my hair which might be the reason I haven't done it yet, but maybe it's time. Here is the hairstyle I would want if I get the guts. I love it, but it would be so short! So what do you think?

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Challenge...

I am a doubter. I never truly believe in anything until I see the results of the action. Usually I like these results instantly. I’m an impatient and imperfect person that’s for sure. Well in January, my lovely coworker Allie issued me a challenge. She challenged my to not watch any rated R movies this year. Rated R movies are one of my many weaknesses. One of my favorite movies (Sweeney Todd) is rated R! But for whatever reason I took all of my rated R movies and put them under my bed so that I wouldn’t watch them. Let’s be honest… reaching under the bed to way to much work for me! When I go out with friends and they suggest seeing a rated R movie I have been very persuasive when it comes to seeing something else. Anyway I think I did it more as a Lent kind of thing, just to see if I could, but Allie told me that I would be blessed if I did this. I think she has a lot of spiritual power because her Grandfather is an Apostle. Anyway the blessings already have been overwhelming and it’s only been 3 months! I have been able to, by some miracle; pay off 3 of my credit cards completely. I was able to find a new and awesome job so quickly. I get to continue coaching, which has really made my life and I was convinced that I would have to quit when I found a “real” job. And then today something else happened. So after paying off one of my cards on Monday with a pretty huge payment, I realized that I wasn’t even going to come close to having enough money for rent or car payment or food even. How poor is that? Anyway I went to check my bank account this morning, you know the kind of check that you do when you’re covering your eyes cause you really need to see it but really don’t want to, and the school district, that only pays 3 times a year, paid me a month early, and now I have absolutely nothing to worry about. I really hate worrying about money, but I just barely (I know pathetic) realized how important it is that I take care of my old debt, even if that means I go without other stuff. I just cannot believe that this kind of thing is happening to me. I have never been the exception before and all of the sudden, these blessings are overwhelming me. I’m pretty much an emotional mess and I don’t even understand it, but I do know that the spacing of these blessings is no coincidence. And by the way the definition of a coincidence is a miracle in which God chooses to remain anonymous. Just when I’m about to fall, I receive a blessing that keeps me going until I start feeling that weakness all over again. Heavenly Father truly knows me and how I work. It’s amazing! Allie is amazing and I am so sad that next week is our last week working together… even though I’m mad because she is in the Bahamas’ right now. She has been an amazing blessing in my life. I feel like she encourages me to do better. She makes me want to be better. Pretty sure she’ll get to the Celestial Kingdom just for her hard work with me. Thanks Allie! That picture is me by the way... not Allie. She would kill me if I ever posted anything like that of her on here!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Basically I love my family… I know that I’m kind of obligated to do so, but every now and then I realize that it really is a choice. Here are some fun pictures from the past weekend. Congrats to the Ry-Dog for doing an amazing job at passing the sacrament for the first time ever! Kim said I couldn't take a picture in the chapel so that is not documented today. I really didn’t take very many pictures at all. Very unlike me… but my life is crazy (we will come back to this) and so I have been pretty distracted. To keep ourselves entertained we took turns throwing Cortney’s favorite stuffed animals on to the fan… she was not so happy about it, but loved when we would turn it on and they would come flying off. Kim, Chris, and I were invited to a bonfire where at we burned Santa. I thought that was pretty awesome. It was also awesome to bond with my sister over the annoyance we shared for screaming 19 year olds who were there. Shoot me now. Then Kim and Chris drank soda in front of me… rude. Darn Lent. Oh well. I forgive them seeing as how I was too sick to drive home so Kim had to. I got to chill in the backseat with Cortney and her Honey Bear. When we got back to their apartment we saw this lovely artistic display on the electrical box… Interesting enough to take a picture of that’s for sure. Now for the crazy in my life… Two weeks ago I quit my job at the chiropractor’s office. I’m still working there until the 1st of April, but obviously I needed to find another job. I wanted to find something that I could hopefully turn into a career instead of just a job. Once again I got lucky in the job market (really lucky) and I found a job within a week at a PR and advertising company. So I start there on April 4th. Then that weekend is graduation and it’s just a lot of changes and I am usually pretty resistant to change. So it’s going to be pretty crazy and definitely a test of what I am capable of. The best part about my new job is that they are super supportive of my coaching. I was really worried that I would have to give it up, but I don’t! That makes me really happy! REALLY HAPPY! Anyway for now I am just blessed with the anxiety of it all. Joyful joyful!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Safety Wars XVII.wmv

My Dad made this for one of his classes... I think he did an AMAZING job! He even asked permission to use my song. Is this talent? I think so. Don't worry if you laugh a little during it... I'm not sure why, but I did. Good work Dad! Sorry I didn't ask permission to post this... haha!

Let the Countdown Begin!!!!!!!

THEY CAME TODAY! My tickets for Les Miserables in May! yes I know it's a long way away but I am soooooooooooooooooooo excited about it. Jake's status pretty much explains how I feel....

Operation Hair Regrowth

This is my Gilbert's husband... Ian. Best thing ever! He never fails to make me laugh!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Randomness

First... My knee is not getting better. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my kneecap. Not a pretty site. Anytime I wear shorts or a skirt people kind of freak out about it. Oh well. So I have church from 11-2. I am like a child... you cannot expect me to making it 3 hours during that time of a day without treats. Here was my bag of treats today... And no I didn't eat them all. So then I headed to Kim and Chris's house for dinner, where the lovely Cortney and I got to sing "We Will Rock You"(see video at the end). We also got to go to the park by their house and just like being a child and having to have treats at church I also got to play a lot with Cortney and run around. I guess I'm just not ready to grow up quite yet. It was a great day with them and the weather was awesome! I think I might want to move up by where they live. I like it better up there... But life is good. I am making a lot of changes and I am really happy! The most happy that I've been in a really long time!

I love it!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The picture above was taken last weekend at my parents house. Look how grown up he is? Today Ryan is 12! I cannot believe that it's been that long! His birth was awesome for me because I was actually able to be in the room when my Mom gave birth to him. As much as I love my other siblings, Ryan and I have a special bond. We are kind of the same person just 13 years apart. Both drama and pretty much bipolar. He is AMAZING! He is a crazy good dancer and he can sing and he's incredibly smart! He is also a good uncle. Cortney can never get enough of him! I also have more pictures with him then any other sibling... probably because he shares my love of picture taking. Seriously... the same person in separate bodies. So you get a ton of pictures for this birthday! He's my little chicken! I LOVE YOU RYAN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!