Wednesday, August 24, 2011

R.I.P Howard

Yes it's true.... Howard has already passed on. Spencer and I are going to make GREAT parents! Haha. Oh well. Sorry about not posting! I miss it so much! My life is pretty much insane at the moment! Tomorrow I will be spending 6 hours, from 3-9 outside in the hot sun watching my girls do their thing at our first game. Anyone care to join me. I am going to have a SWEEt tan for wedding day, which is in 17 days! Can you believe that? Dang! Anyway besides coaching and wedding stuff I have also had training for my new job, which I think will end up being AMAZING! Anyway life is busy and we still don't have internet, so thanks parentals for letting me steal your wireless and eat your food!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Introducing Howard...

It’s been forever!!! Between moving into the new apartment, having no internet yet, cheer “hell week”, bridals, other wedding stuff, and just life, I haven’t had time to blog. And boy have I missed it! I have so much to catch up on! Everything from a surprise bridal shower to before and after pictures of the apartment. But I would like to introduce you to Howard… Spencer and I would love to have a dog, but between 3 jobs for me…. Did I tell you I got a job teaching???? And another cheer job???? On top of coaching???? Loving life, and Spencer also just started a new job… well basically we just don’t have time for a dog right now. So we settled for a fish. I have an extensive history with betas, and for some reason I always pick out the handicap ones… Howard is no exception. Howard has a tick and he’s also kind of a jerk. But we’re hoping that he will warm up to us soon.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finding Strength....

There are many definitions of strength. There's physical strength, emotional strength, mental strength.... I think you get the idea. Obviously according to this picture I have enough physical strength to break the handle on my Dad's truck tail bed (Sorry again Dad).... must be all those early morning cheer workouts I have been doing. But seriously I really did break it and I felt awful... Still feeling awful, but oh well. I also think I am a little bit awesome because of it. The strength I want to talk about is mostly emotional. I have always been told that getting married isn't super easy, but I had no idea what I was up against. Everything was smooth for the both of us until we decided to get married. Then all of the sudden we were blindsided with money issues (which are working out due to a little something called tithing), emotional issues (mostly Jenn because birth control is NOT a pleasant experience), and really temptations in general. To have to set curfews and limits on kissing is not fun, but we know it will be worth it. Totally understand why members of the church tend to go for the short engagements... I have been able to lean on and find a lot of strength from my family, especially my parents who have been incredible and have gone above and beyond my expectations. My mother is so generous of her time and longs to make sure that I am okay all the time, and my Dad sends me random texts just when I need them to lift me up. It blows my mind how they just know when I need to hear from them. Love my parents! But I would have to say that besides doing all that I have been taught to do and everything that I know is right, the person who had brought me the most strength during these tough times is Spencer. He is so patient with me and kind and loving. I honestly don't know how I got to be so lucky. This is how it's suppose to be and I'm sure of that! He is the best man out there for me, and even though I thought it was the longest time ever and that I would never be married, it wasn't the right time. Spencer came into my life when I most needed him and he is my strength! I am so blessed and so happy. Spencer, I love you and can't wait to marry you in 32 days!!!! Thanks for being my strength!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Last night Spencer and I were treated to Sushi by his long time bf Todd. It was super yummy and we had a a great time. And guess who finally ate salmon and loved it???? I'm growing up finally. It's a good feeling. Thanks Todd for a fun dinner!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


W to the H-I-T-E to the T-R-A-S-H.... Yesterday I had my first experience selling to a pawn shop. it was basically awesome. Spencer and I were at my storage unit trying to find some crap among my boxes and boxes of crap, and while we were there we uncovered a pair of diamond earrings that were given to me from an ex boyfriend 7 years ago. Honestly, I had only worn them once, and they were tiny and I knew I would never wear them again, so we began to think of ideas of what to do with them. Some ideas included smashing them under Spencer's shoes into a thousand tiny pieces (not that they could get much smaller), throwing them off a bridge (if we could find one), or finding his current address and mail them to him with a note created from letters cut out of newspaper. Then we realized that we could benefit from this. And that's when we decided to pawn them. Neither of us have ever experienced this before and let me tell you, a monster has been born. We want to sell everything to pawn shops. The people were super nice and we got $30 from it. Since becoming engaged I have become very aware of money and I'm not gonna lie, it kind of freaks me out. I'm not worried at all when it comes to getting married. I am super confident in my decision, but the thought of money, which I have a horrible history with, scares the heck out of me. Luckily I have learned how to better my budget skills and have very open communication with my future hubby, so we can be honest and tell each other not to spend money and we are super good at being cheap. But now that we have discovered the ways of the pawn shop and we will be rolling in the dough.... HAHA!!! I highly recommend the pawn shop experience!!! Just do it!