Sunday, April 10, 2011


I spent the weekend in Rexburg for Graduation, and it was basically awesome. First, the weather was straight up awful, but for those 4 (long) hours of graduation it was sunny and gorgeous! Second, I got to graduate with my Mom and my sister. Talk about killer timing! Third, my Dad got to give us our diplomas. Fourth, everyone was there, except for Jason. It was a fun weekend. We killed time taking crazy pictures on my phone cause it was a long graduation! But it was amazing and fun! Cortney wouldn't stop crying unless she was wearing Kim's graduation hat and holding her diploma, it was super funny! We ate good food, Jake ate a ton of food, those are pictures of his food. We burned houses, watched Les Miserables and made silly videos (see previous post). Get ready for a picture overload! Enjoy!

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