Saturday, February 11, 2012


I was so lucky to be able to have Spencer accompany me to the Copper Hills Sweethearts dance this year. It's one of the biggest fundraisers for the cheerleaders and last year I had a blast! I just love seeing all my girls dressed up and gorgeous! Sorry the pictures are blurry... I only had my phone on me. This year I spent all day in bed sick and then took forever to get ready and sat in a chair most of the dance. Spencer and I did hit the floor for a slow song, which was amazing, but mostly we just people watched. And let me tell you, the people watching was GOOD! I have been pretty good about hiding the baby bump with my usual outfit of sweats and baggy t-shirts, so the cheerleaders went a little crazy when they were able to see the bump squeezed into my favorite dress that I probably stretched out too much now. My stomach looked HUGE!!!
I was even a little surprised! I also looked super cool accessorizing my outfit with my lovely PICC line... it's what everyone is wearing didn't you know?!?!

Other pregnancy updates... I will be 18 weeks tomorrow and am now craving anything orange. I love cheesy things and orange things! My baby moves like crazy and keeps me awake all the time. Other than that, nothing else is really going on. I am trying to drink more water so that by the time I go to Nationals at Disneyland next month I don't have to bring my IV with me. Thank you to everyone for your support and kind words during this trial. I know that it will end with a blessing and I cannot wait until then!

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