Friday, February 3, 2012

An Unexpected Hospital Visit...

I knew that I had a problem last night when my catheter started bleeding out every time I flushed it and that eventually I couldn't flush even flush it... this came after less than 48 hours of getting it put in, and this was my second one in a row that went bad after 2 days. These lines technically are suppose to last 7 days. Basically my veins and my body were done. After 4 weeks I don't blame them, but I'm still sick enough that I need to have the fluids and medications. So I called my doctor to find out what my options were, and the only option I was given was to have a PICC line put in. What is a PICC line you ask? At least I don't think many of you may know... I had no idea and I totally googled it and freaked myself out. The definition from the paper I was given at the hospital reads;

A peripherally inserted central catheter, often called a "PICC line", is a long, very thin, flexible tube that is usually placed into one of the large veins in
the arm, often just above or just below the elbow. This tube is threaded into a large vein above the right side of the heart.

I got pretty emotional and super overwhelmed when they didn't let Spencer come back to the x-ray room with me, but I was more emotional after it was over and I saw him waiting. I am a pretty big wuss and was scared in the first place, so to be completely alone, with super nice strangers of course, it was just all unfamiliar and scary. The thing that freaked me out the most was watching the x-ray machine and watching the tube be inserted into my arm and through my chest. It actually made me sick to my stomach and usually medical procedures don't bother me
so much.
My arm is super sore, so I'm hoping that will ease up in the next few days or by
tonight... either one. It basically feels like a migraine in my arm. Anything and everything kills when it has to do with my arm. Moving it, bumping it, you name it. My chest is super tight and feels a little uncomfortable, but I may just be imagining that, or it could just be anxiety. It's weird to think there's a tube inside my chest, right next to my heart, and I'm super freaked out that I am going to do something wrong when it comes to the medication and fluids... but hopefully that fear will ease after a few days and a lot of prayer. I'm so grateful that Spencer was able to be there with me, kind of, and that he has been so supportive. I know that my feelings of being overwhelmed and depressed about everything can be exhausting and tough for him, but he never falters. He's a good man. Hopefully I won't have to have the PICC line in very long, but whatever I need to do to have a healthy baby, I will do. This baby may have caused a lot of stress and worry thus far, but I would do anything for it. Even have a tube inside my body to make sure it's getting everything it needs to survive.

PS - St. Mark's Hospital has valet parking! Who knew???
Also, who knows how to get your hands on one of those big mugs from the hospital??? I really want one for water so that I can start drinking more and get off of these IV's. Need one of those big mugs ASAP.


  1. We'll definitely be praying for you Jen! Sending hugs your way!

  2. You're amazing. But we already new that. I'm just going to try to be funny and say that this will not be the last time you get a migrane from your child!!!

    PS - I have three of those hospital mugs. You are welcome to have one. Just stop by or send Spencer. My gift to you for going through absolute hell.