Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Apartment in Rexburg!!!

We are loving our new apartment in Rexburg! It's perfect for a new family and it's much bigger and brighter than our old place. It has 10 foot ceilings which really make the rooms feel big and we finally have a washer and dryer (thanks Mom and Dad!!!) Ready for the tour???? So first we have this massive storage room... which we totally packed full! But it's nice because all the other rooms are less cluttered. Love, love, love storage!
Here's a view of the living room right when you walk in our gorgeous green front door! I finally got my hands on the old (and when I say old I mean old) piano.... Spencer thinks it's the ugliest thing ever, but I have refinishing plans as soon as baby comes... I guess inhaling fumes are bad for you so I'm trying not to subject my child to that while she's in the womb.

My lovely husband studying after his first day of class....
Kitchen!!! Yes, I was making dinner at the time, but still check out the amazing natural light!

On Saturday, when we were moving in, my family sent me off to run errands with Cortney and Ryan, while they set up the small babies room. It was such a nice surprise to come home to a glider and changing table, among all the other little gifts they had put together. Thanks again family for the great surprise!
Don't be scared of the little crib... this too has been in the family for ages! My Dad used it as a baby as did all of us Kinville kids as well as Cortney... It's a tradition to use it for the first few months, plus it has wheels so I can just pull it along with me where ever I go in the house!

High ceilings in the bathroom are AMAZING!
Spencer and I are so spoiled with these closets.... they may ruin us. This is the back of my side of the master closet... Spencer has his own side. Anyway I organized everything and then hung my clothes! So nice to have so much room everywhere! Obsessed!
Anyway I know that it's nothing fancy but we like it! PS - moving while pregnant blows! Nobody would let me do anything and it was just pointless. Super upsetting to not be able to help or put things where they belong. We feel blessed to be back in Rexburg and to have this wonderful opportunity for Spencer to go back to school so that someday he can provide for our family with a higher education. Now if the baby would come already.... Less than 3 months! On Sunday I will officially begin my 3rd trimester!

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