Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One Year of Wedded Bliss

Okay, so maybe the title of this post exaggerates a little bit... The first year of marriage is not always wedded bliss. Especially when that first year includes getting pregnant, having the baby, multiple hospital visits, moving, starting new careers, continuing college, lots of cheerleading, and then of course everything else. It's been a busy year for us... Not on purpose. If someone had told us at our wedding reception that by our 1st anniversary we would have a 2 month old, I would have probably said something really rude and smart in reply. But it's our life... It's how it happened. Ani always seems to want to be early when it comes to everything and I guess coming to our family was no exception. Our plan was to wait 2-3 years before having a child when we got married... We have a 2 month old on our first anniversary. Our plan was to both work and live in Salt Lake for a couple years... We moved 8 months after being married. Our plan was to go on a honeymoon (finally) for our 1 year anniversary. Travelling to Utah with an infant was almost too much to handle so that won't be happening anytime soon. But despite all the craziness that has happened during these 366 (leap year) days since we got married, I love my life! I am so thankful for an amazing husband who treats me like I should be treated, buys me Taco Bell (this is very important), is an amazing father, and he is just awesome! I could fill up my entire blog about why I love Spencer and why I am so thankful to be married to him, but I won't. Besides, I don't want to make everyone else fall in love with him too. He's mine for eternity!
Here's us on our wedding day 9-10-11 (don't be jealous that our wedding date is super awesome!!!)
Here is us almost exactly one year later at the same temple 9-2-2012

So there's this super weird tradition that people have where they save the top layer of their cake and eat it on their first anniversary... So we decided to hop on that band wagon. We seriously almost forgot about our cake on our actual wedding day... I was sure we would forget about the top tier a year later. Well Spencer has been talking about eating that cake for an ENTIRE year!!! That's weird right? I mean who talks about eating year old cake for 12 months????

 Here's feeding uno
 Here's last night
Spencer was a little disappointed... It wasn't as good as he remembered.
We decided to chuck the rest of it....
Finally we have freezer space!!!!

For dinner we hit up Costa Vida... It's the closet thing we have to Cafe Rio and it is pretty dang good. Now I"m sure you're wondering why we didn't do Taco Bell... Since we do Taco Bell for every other holiday, including the ones that I make up just so we can go there, Spencer said I had to choose somewhere else to go. But I was not disappointed. Their sweet pork salad blows my mind every time! Mostly I think it's their awesome cilantro ranch dressing, but either way I was satisfied!
 Yes we are coffee table eaters (we do actually have a really ice dining room table) and yes that is queso in the background!

I have this thing for straws, so my awesome husband made sure to grab extras!!!! What a man!

I came home to these lovely flowers and our combined anniversary present....

We sold the love sack (it went so fast in Rexburg.... make out chair) and had our eye on this beauty. IT's a rocking recliner and it was cheap at Kmart... Who even knew Kmart had furniture.... But we had been saving for a little while (Plasma) and well, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Ani hogged it all night long! She L-O-V-E-S it!

And if you're thinking, well that kid looks like she's gonna tip right over... She most definitely did right after I took this picture. Don't worry. After laughing hysterically for a few seconds, we picked her up.

Now for the best part! Pictures of Aniston! Don't forget to check our her new bling! Yes, I pierced my 2 month old baby's ears and I love it! So super cute! She is such a fancy baby now!

 This is the smile I got when I told her why it was such a special day! She sure does love her Mom (she better after that pregnancy) and her Dad! So glad she was there to share the day with us!


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