Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blessing Aniston

We spent 5 days over the holiday weekend down in Utah with our amazing family and friends for Aniston's blessing. We decided to ease the financial burden of travel and to ensure that all of our favorite people could be there that Utah was the best place for the blessing. We had a blast!!! I got to go to a Copper Hills football game to see my old cheerleaders which was AMAZING! I loved introducing them to Aniston and being able to chat with them like back in the day. But I think I heard about more drama in that hour than I have had the entire time I have been coaching in Rexburg... haha. Spencer's entire family was able to be there which was a HUGE blessing, and my family (minus Jason) including my grandparents were able to come. We definitely are feeling a little homesick for Utah now, but we know that we are where we are suppose to be. (Once again... picture overload!!!)

 Visiting with my Copper Hills girls!!!
 Papa's first time holding Aniston.
 Just for Jake, she broke out the Hitler salute

 Ryan's first time holding Ani.
 How cute is this little face?!?!? My little (can you call him that?) cousin Camden.
 Nana with Cort and Ani

 Happy grandparents
 Papa with his granddaughters
 We see this face a lot... she's about ready to scream

 It was while she was screaming in this picture that my brother in law Chris shouted from behind us, "Quiet that crying baby down." Or something to that effect.... Thank you Chris
 All of Spencer's family who came to the blessing
 Camden could be the child of Spencer
 4 generations on my Dad's side
 Ummm. Since when did Ryan get taller than me?
 4 generations on my Mom's side
 My and the Uncles 

 Me and my Grandpa!
 Spencer and his parents
 Little Chloe holding Aniston... Super cute!
 Having Spencer's Dad there was probably one of the biggest blessings! His Dad has been diagnoised with Parkinson's and Spencer was really worried that he would never get to meet Aniston. We made sure that Grandpa had pleanty of time holding her. It made Spencer's world to have his Dad there and to hold Ani.

 Definitely wish that I lived in Utah just so I could get to know Rosiane better! We loved spending time at Spencer's brother's house to be able to get to know his family better!
Me and the parental units.

We just feel so blessed! Thank you to everyone who came to be there for us! Stay tuned for the awesome (and by awesome I mean AMAZING) blessing pictures that Kim took as well as my little Ani's 2 month update!!!! (Can you believe she's already 2 months old?)

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