Friday, January 13, 2012


That's just the fancy name for really crappy sucky bad morning sickness. That's what I have
been diagnosed with. Click HERE for a more thorough definition. The funny thing is when I was first starting to feel sick one of my friends told me to be grateful that I didn't have hyperemesis. I guess I wasn't grateful enough... My Mom found a website dedicated to those who suffer from this and reading their stories have really helped me psychologically. I thought I was being dramatic and it was all in my head, but some of these women have it worse than me, and I couldn't imagine. A few of them have even had to terminate their pregnancy because of the pain. So sad! I still am very unsure of how to effectively express my feelings to Spencer, and I feel bad that he has to deal with this. But this is just one trial that we will face in our life together. So very overwhelmed. A few nights ago Home Health Care came and set me up with all of the supplies and necessary knowledge of how to not only inject myself with all sorts of fun medications and vitamins, but also how to set up fluid IV's. Needless to say I am overwhelmed! I feel like I could definitely star on an episode of Grey's Anatomy with all my recent medical knowledge. It's weird to constantly be hooked up to an IV all the time, especially at night... I didn't sleep at all the past two nights because I was so worried about pulling out the catheter,

and I didn't want to get up and go to the bath room because I didn't want to drag the fluid bag holder. So my night stand is sporting the barf bowl... making a comeback from my childhood. Good news is that I'm feeling less sick and dizzy, cause I actually have fluids in me and I feel hydrated! But I am so exhausted and still can't sleep. Some of the medications that I take make me crazy sick, but it's so much cooler to take the medication through the IV... I am gaining a greater appreciation for people who only have one hand... showering, getting dressed, doing your hair, washing your hair, it's all super challenging now. I'm glad I have limited use of my hand at least. Here is a breakdown of my day... overnight I do the fluid bag with the vitamins,

so it usually takes about 14 hours to get through the entire bag, then I flush my line and hook up my bag of just fluids which can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours,

then I flush the line, and throw in some heparin, and cap my catheter and give my poor arm a break for a few hours. Later in the evening I flush my line, insert thiamine, flush, insert zofran, flush,
then start my fluids with vitamins all over again. The Situation is teaching me so much already. I am able to experience all kinds of things that I probably never would have if I wasn't pregnant. In all honesty I would probably be able to go through life perfectly fine and normal without having a constant IV in, and knowing how to do all of this stuff, but it's all part of the journey I guess. Well my journey at least. PS - watching the Justin Bieber movie for the first time while pregnant... not a good idea. Cried the entire time!

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  1. Hi there! I'm so sorry you have to suffer through this. I spent most of last year doing the same thing you are. I hope you're feeling better soon. Stay strong. My hg went away hours after I delivered my precious little one.