Monday, July 16, 2012

Aniston's First Photo Shoot

Kim and Cortney drove from Oregon to come and spend a couple days with us folk in Idaho. It was nice to be able to see them since it had been about 4 months since we'd last seen them. Cortney is growing up so fast and loved spending time with her new little cousin. It was fun to see them be able to interact with each other... Well Aniston didn't really interact much, but Cortney loved seeing her.

While they were here we added to Kim's photography portfolio once again by having her take pictures of Aniston. Kind of crazy that in the past year Kim has taken our engagements, bridals, wedding, maternity and now our baby's pictures. Aniston was a trooper... She did get a little sassy towards the end, but overall I'm happy with the pictures we got and thankful that Kim was able to take them for us. Thank you Kim and good work!!!!

Love this smile!!! Aniston smiles all the time (and I don't think it's just gas... even though she is extremely gassy) and it just melts my heart! Also love love love the dimples!!! I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter!

Kim made this cute little bunny outfit and it fit just perfectly!

She didn't quite fit on top of the suitcase.... this was also taken at the end of the shoot when she started to get sassy!

Hate that we didn't use a diaper cover and that you can see the bandage on her poor little foot, but I love the hat and her elephant!

This might be my favorite picture of the entire bunch! I love everything about it... even though she's not wearing a bow.

Poor little foot....

Love those chubby cheeks!!!


Vegas show girl anyone???

I want to squeeze those fingers!

Love, love, love the lips!!!!

I personally didn't want to be in any of the pictures... but this one might be my favorite out of the ones we did take. Blah!

I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter. She truly is the best parts of Spencer and I put together and it's amazing to be able to look at her and to see what she got from me and what she got from Spencer. She's changing everyday and basically being a Mom is the best thing ever!!!!

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