Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Membranes, Mom & a Moose

There has been a TON of excitement during the past day and a half in the Ahlstrom household. I think that the most exciting thing of all is that I have had my membranes stripped TWICE in the past 24 hours. First of all let's talk about the pain... Holy crap! I understand that pregnancy is painful and that labor is going to be even worse, but I was not prepared for the stripping of the membranes. The doctor just kind of did it without telling me she was going to do it, which I guess was good for the first time, but the second time I knew what I was getting myself into. All I could do was just think to myself... "baby, baby, baby". At this point we are willing and ready to do anything, and  mean anything, that we need to in order to have this baby, so if that means enduring a little (understatement) pain, so be it. The stripping has helped though.... I'm now dilated to a 4 and definitely didn't sleep last night because the back labor was soooooo intense. Spencer and I have talked since we found out we were pregnant and due in July about how cool it would be to have her on the Fourth of July. It has always been my favorite holiday, but last year Spencer made it especially special by proposing during the parade. So why not add another special moment to such an amazing day? If this actually happens, I will seriously be amazed and I will feel extremely blessed, because even when we talked about it I was pretty sure it wouldn't happen, but now there's a very good chance that it actually will happen. I also have total hobbit feet! They are so swollen and my ankles have completely disappeared! It's been pretty warm here in Idaho, so I'm sure that doesn't help.

Also my Mom is here!!!! Hooray! She will be here until August, which is a long time, but I couldn't be more excited about it! It kind of makes the whole baby actually coming soon more realistic... not that contractions don't do that for me. It was actually her idea to talk to the doctor about stripping the membranes, so her being here has already been genius! I also have someone to keep me company while Spencer is away at school and work so that's really nice.

So last night during our routine walk around our apartment complex, this dude asked us if we had seen the moose....I'm sure he thought we were super stuck up by the reaction we gave him by looking at him like he was insane, but sure enough once we got around to the front of the complex, there was a moose trapped in a construction area that had been fenced off. How it even got in there I have no idea, but I can tell you it was the most exciting thing to happen in Rexburg for a while. There were 2 security cars and 6 police cars. 6 police cars seriously???? So the were finally able to coax the moose out of the construction zone and 6 inches away from me. Once it came out of the fenced area it just started running like crazy and came directly at Spencer and I. We were sure it was going to jump the short fence that separated us from the beast, but it didn't. Instead it ran around to the driveway and ran into the complex... I ran also. I booked it when I saw that huge animal coming towards me... disappointed that it didn't make me go into serious labor... if a heart attack and a good run don't put me into labor, will anything? Anyway, it definitely was an interesting experience.

Now I'm off to get dilated and get this baby out! Wish me luck!!!

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