Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Mamma Bear In Me

Aniston has jaundice... this requires us to go to the hospital every day and have her little heel pricked to test her jaundice level. Well at yesterday's pricking, apparently the "nurse" who did it applied the wrong tape and it ended up twisting around itself and it ripped the flesh off her foot. The dude who was there helping us today totally acted as if it was no big deal, and maybe it's not the worst thing ever, but still... it's definitely not okay. I am so upset to say the least. Spencer is even worse... he has already planning on "connecting" with the hospital to let them know about the situation. My poor little girl....


  1. Are you freaking kidding me?! I am so mad and shes not even my baby!! That is absolutely go mama bear

  2. That really is horrible. =( I cried when they pricked Greyson's feet. The nurse that did it was stupid and had to do it 4 times to get enough blood! He was screaming. I would have freaked out if they ripped his skin off! I'm so sorry that happened to Aniston. Looks like Spencer did a great job bandaging it.

    1. Oh by the way this is Angela Galloway.

  3. I cant believe this!!! this is absurd! yeah, get in contact with the hospital to fire this nurse, that looks so painful, poor baby aniston :(