Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Happy Happy Halloween!!!

In case you aren't familiar with Duck Dynasty (shame on you if you aren't) that's where happy happy happy comes from... Watch it! You will not regret it! Also notice that Aniston refused to smile for any of these pictures (she is so stinking sassy when the camera comes out) and also notice that by the last picture I took... the one in the bottom right corner... she was getting pretty ticked.

So to be completely honest, Halloween wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be with a baby. Maybe it's because she is not even 4 months old yet and she can't do anything... also Spencer wouldn't let me buy one of those sweet pumpkin buckets for candy, so the only candy we got this year was from two single BYU - Idaho students who knocked on our door and gave us candy. It was really quite clever actually... when we opened our door there was a door there that said "knock on me and say trick or treat"... I'm totally kicking myself for not taking a picture. It was fun though.

Aniston sure did look pretty cute though in her little pea pod outfit. Actually she was more than cute... she was stinking ADORABLE!!! That's right... I made that.... Aniston that is, not the costume.

 So my daughter inherited crazy long arms from her father... it's kind of funny but also a little weird...
 Always with the tongue. And yes, she is wearing a bow so that there would be no gender confusion.

 Family photo!!!!! So cute!
 Tiny Ani with her tiny pumpkin!!!
I could just eat her up!!!!!!
 I love being Aniston's Mom!!!! I cannot get enough of her!
Sometimes we let strange men dressed up as creepy scarecrows hold our child while she's sleeping... We are the BEST parents ever!!!

At work today all the kids were dressed up and I couldn't help but to take a picture with Ben.... Classy...

Pretty sure my cheerleaders will dig this!!!

Sometimes on Halloween I put enormous glasses on my little baby and laugh at her for 10 minutes while she struggles to get them off her face.

Aniston's personality is crazy awesome!!! These picture were literally taken within 30 seconds.... So many emotions!!!
She has a perfectly round head!!! Haha!

More random pictures of the little Anster.... (I can't help it)
 Sleepy church baby!!! Even sassy when in sleep.
Aniston thought it was way more important to watch Revenge than to look at the camera for Mom... She is totally into that show!

And a quick shout out to Madison Varsity cheerleaders!!! They cheered through the snow at Friday's game and ended Madison's football regular season undefeated!!! They had the most positive attitudes and had a blast!!! Love these girls!

Hope your Halloween was as good as ever!!! Mine included scary movies with my little family, 2 pieces of candy, and Taco Bell!!! Happy Halloween!!!!

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