Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Very Sick Baby...

It's the worst feeling in the world to know that your tiny baby is sick. Okay so she's not so tiny anymore (14 lbs 11 oz), but still... she's only 3 months old! Imagine being woken up by the sound of a tiny raspy cough followed by 3-5 seconds of gagging followed by whimpers and occasional crying. That was mine and Spencer's night last night. We were constantly having to use the lovely green booger sucker (as we call it) to pull all of the snot out of her nose so that it wouldn't drain to her throat. It's a good thing that our child is a little weird and actually likes when we use that thing...

PS - I have no idea what it's really called. Is there an actual name for those things?

Anyway so I called the doctor this morning because we were being wussy first time parents and didn't really know what to do. All I could think was that it was RSV and I know that some babies die from RSV.... Yes, my mind ALWAYS goes to the worst place first... and there's no way I could live without my little Ani Kate. So we went to the doctor and he said that he throat had an infection.
(Poor guy had no idea I was taking the picture.... I'm kind of a creeper)
Thank goodness there's no ear infection or anything else, but we do have to give her breathing treatments for 3 months... or until the infection gets lost. She is also taken an antibiotic (which she loves!!! Because it resembles food I'm guessing). So I don't know how many of you have ever used a nebulizer before, but it's just not awesome. Aniston does NOT like it. She refuses to use the mask and will only use the mouth piece for a brief period of time. The rest of the time we must resort to forcing the medication into her by basically shoving the mouth piece in her mouth.


So pretty much it's awful, and I kind of feel like it's all my fault. I truly feel as though we do an awesome job of bundling her up when it's cold outside (PS - it snowed today... BOO)

 but maybe the football games are just too cold for her. Even when she's wearing 6 layers and bundled up with blankets. No more Bobcat football for Miss Ani Kate. Which is really sad for her because we are currently undefeated and only have 1 game left... Oh, and we're also ranked #1 in the state. Basically I think I'm cool because I go to the games in case you couldn't tell. Hopefully our little wookie will kick this infection soon and all will be well in the world. Also it's creepy because when she's sick she sleeps with her eyes open... it's gonna give me nightmares guaranteed.

Speaking of wellness (not the healthy wellness just awesomeness basically), while we were at Walgreen's waiting for Ani's prescriptions we discovered that they have really awesome stuff there. The kind of stuff, that as a child, I always dreamed of having. Things like these...
 The Clapper!!!! Who didn't want this? This will definitely be under the Christmas tree for sure!!! I am VERY excited about it!
 Chi, Chi, Chi, Chia!!! I always wanted one of these. Chances that I will kill it are extremely high, but they just look so cool!
Had no idea you could even buy these. Am I a little tempted to buy one just for our front window, HECK YES I am! How classy would that be? 

Also Aniston's prescription was the biggest one that I have ever seen in my life!
Despite our little Aniston's illness, and lack of sleep, and our own sicknesses (yes, Spencer and I are also sick) we still think she's a doll and she's been such a trooper!!! Basically I think my daughter is AMAZING and I am LOVING all the cuddle time!

 Get better soon Ani!!!!

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