Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nichole, Sundance, John Stockton, Temple Square, and THE Birthday...

I am now writing as an offical menace to society. I am officially 25. It was the first birthday that I can actually remember waking up and feeling older. The first birthday where I have felt like maybe I need to grow up a little bit. The worst thing about the day was that I didn't get flowers, from anyone at all... How do you turn 25 and not get flowers? Anyway we will come back to that. So I was lucky enough to have one of my closest friends from high school, Nichole, fly in from Oregon for 5 days. It was so much fun seeing her and catching up and getting to show her around Utah. We got a chance to go up to the Sundance film festival and we had a blast up there and it was a gorgeous day! We did a ton of shopping and playing. Instead of taking the stairs down from our AMAZING parking spot (these rare super rare during Sundance) anyway we went straight down the snow bank. The snow turned out to be at least a foot deep and we were soaking afterward, but I'm pretty sure it saved us some time. So we never saw any celebrities, but we definitely spent most of our time stalking the paparazzi hoping to see one. These two guys were talking to each other from across the street with walkie talkies and we were convinced that someone famous was going to come out of this place, but we were not rewarded for out patience. That night we were able to (okay forced) to go to my basketball game and cheer on the girls. By the way turns out it's against school policy for me that my girl's teacher to date because we are both faculty. Really I'm not but whatever. Anyway that brought us back to some old cheer memories since we both cheered together in high school. Saturday we did some more shopping and then spent part of the day with Kim and Chris since it was Kim's birthday. We went to Chili's and they told us that they didn't sing but would give her a birthday shake, so Chris and I solved that problem for them. By the way this is chemo Cortney. Poor Kim. Later that night we went bowling with some of my friends and had so much fun! I absolutely love bowling! The best part about bowling this time was that around 11:30pm John Stockton and his family started bowling right in the lane next to us. After a lengthy debate we decided against asking him to take a picture since he as with his family. I did snap this one with my ipod because I didn't want to use a flash... I promise this is him sitting in the corner of the picture! Sunday we went to church made some new friends and then had dinner with Kim and Chris, of course Cortney was there. She is super cute and loves the song Dynamite! After dinner Nichole and I went to Temple Square since she had never been there before. She isn't a member, but is familiar with the church since she had gone with me many times in the past. We were able to take a tour of the conference center and it was pretty awesome.

Monday was the actually birthday and it was good. We went to Taco Bell for lunch (always delicious Tace Bell) then went and got massages. I hadn't got a massage for years and it was so worth it. Except for the fact that I felt pretty useless shortly there after. Then I had to take Nichole back to the airport, which was sad, but it was really really nice to have her here adn to introduce her to the people who are in my life now. So then last night Stewart took me to dinner, then we met Kim and Chris for a Jazz game, which thankfully they ended their losing streak and won. Then Stewart and I went to get pie, and instead of just getting a slice each, we went for two whole pies. We didn't each much but we talked and it was good. I am going to have to say that it was Stewart who delivered the best present this year. A cruise! I am so excited about this since I have never been on a cruise. Not sure when it's happening yet or where to, but so awesome! BEST GIFT EVER! So being 25 isn't as awful as I thought, minus the no flowers thing, and I'm just so glad that I was able to spend it with people who I care about.

PS - Starting to get upset because I have some amazing videos to share and they wont' upload! I will keep trying!

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